November 23, 2017

The Most Useful Websites on The Internet

The Most Useful Websites on The Internet
1. – The largest search engine in the world. Want to know about something? Google it!
2. – Find info about pretty much anything. The Encyclopedia of almost everything.
3. – Most famous and most used video streaming website used by millions all around the world. (Read: How to Download YouTube Videos on Android)
4. – The best web hosting service, you pay as little as $7 for a server which can host as many websites as you want.
5. – Compress PNG images easily without loosing image quality.
6. – Test your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code right inside your browser.
7. – Store and Share Files Online (Direct Download Links) Easily.
8. – Create Amazing Graphic Images and banner using canva.
9. – You can say this is an online free version of Photoshop.
10. – A collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards.
11. – A digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the Internet
12. – World’s biggest online shopping site.
13. – Learn any course online for free.
14. – Biggest social networking site in the world. (Read: How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently)
15. – Send direct messages to people around the world, even the famous celebrities!
16. – Send a tweet with more than 140 characters.
17. – A new and smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media.
18. – Learn how everything works.
19. – Know everything about a movie or TV series.
20. – A business magazine publishing interesting articles.
21. – Watch your favorite TV series and movies online for free. (Read: Download Hotstar for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP Laptop)
22. – Having trouble pronouncing a word? Go Forvo!
23. – Convert Text Website URLs to Links in Bulk.
24. – All the information about the English language.
25. – Learn the meaning of street lingo because YOLO!
26. – Cooking guide to learn the best recipes.
27. – Learn about modern technologies of today and the future.
28. – Edit photographs using different filters and with your friends and followers.
29. – Translate any language to any other language.
30. –Hotel reviews and sightseeing ideas.
31. – Frequent blogs on how to make day-to-day stuff easy.
32. – Everything on current news stories.
33. – Humor yourself with the funniest memes.
34. – Useful educational stuff to learn.
35. – Get previous versions of almost all the software.
36. – Write and send a note to someone which will get deleted by itself after they read.
37. – Increase your reading speed.
38. – Swap the book you have read with other readers to get the book you haven’t read yet.
39. – The trending GIFs and all about them.
40. – Has all the software that you want to download.
41. –Learn different kinds of courses online for free.
42. – Learn any coding language online for free.
43. – Paint online and print it.
44. – Download Unlimited Ebooks for free.
45. – Free sessions to practice and increase your typing knowledge.
46. – Get and give micro-jobs to people all around the world for as little as $5.
47. – Free full-length movies from YouTube and other video-streaming websites.
48. – Record videos of your desktop and post them straight to YouTube.
49. – Copy special characters and emoticons that aren’t available on your keyboard.
50. – Best answers to your questions given by smartest people around the world.
51. – Coolest and most adorable name suggestions for your newborn.
52. – Set up a small chatroom within seconds and have fun!
53. – Can’t think of any domain name or name of your new business? DomainHero has got all the suggestions!
54. – Know all about Real Estate.
55. – Know the reviews and ratings on your favorite or yet-to-read books.
56. – Learn who is hosting a particular website.
57. – Plagiarism check, word density check, and much more. Know the legitimacy of your content within a click.
58. – Edit any PDF file online for free.
59. – Transfer big size files for free.
60. – Measure the performance of your site.
61. – Send a fax for free.

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